We, the Lay and Clergy Leadership of Klein UMC, wish to affirm the following:

We reaffirm the mission and vision of Klein UMC to be a warm and welcoming community where everyone feels valued.

We affirm our intent to be a faith community where “Strangers become Friends, and Friends become Family.”

We also affirm our conviction to remain members of the United Methodist Church. And in that light, we affirm that our Theology, Polity, and Doctrine will remain the same.

 We affirm that Scripture is our primary source of Authority.

 We affirm the divinity of Jesus.

 We affirm the bodily resurrection of Jesus.

 We affirm the Lord’s Prayer and our historic Christian Creeds.


If there are questions or concerns that any of you may have, please reach out to any of us.  We would love to be able to talk with you.

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