August 17, 2020


Dear Klein UMC Family,

As you may have already heard, we’re going to finish what we started with the Legacy Makers Together Campaign!  We started the campaign in November of last year, and were ALMOST FINISHED in March, when Covid-19 happened!  As a result, in person worship was stopped and we decided to pause the campaign to focus all of our energies on navigating this very different and unprecedented season.  Thank God, we were able to respond and offer virtual experiences that have proven to be a way for us to stay connected.

In early March, we had our Celebration Sunday.  During this service we celebrated the early commitments that had already been received.  We have continued to receive campaign commitments, and as of today, we have 132 households who have already offered three-year commitments totaling $1.7 million dollars!

Now…. It’s time for us to continue the campaign and finish strong!  To be clear, even as I write this letter, I am aware that for some of us, due to the impact of Covid-19, our ability to make any additional financial commitments, is just not doable.  Certainly, we do understand, and this letter is in no way written to place any additional undue financial stress on you and your family.  However, for all of us who can, we invite you to join us in reaching and exceeding our $2,000,000 goal.

Because of the special conditions of this time, we will be receiving commitments over an 11-day period (August 20-30). You may return your commitment form in two different ways: 1) mail them anytime or bring the enclosed card to the church on Wednesdays or Thursdays, while we are here for Prayer time; 2) fill out an online form here.

We’ve also enclosed a “Creative Strategies in Giving” brochure to offer you some creative ways to think about giving.

Beginning in September, some of our faithful volunteers will be making some reminder contacts.  This is so that we can be assured that every household who desires to, may have an opportunity to make a commitment prior to our Announcement Sunday, which is September 20.  At this time, the GRAND TOTAL of all commitments will be announced and celebrated during worship.

I am very blessed to be your Pastor, especially during this exciting and challenging times.  I look forward to hearing from you during our days of commitment for Legacy Makers Together!


Blessings To You All………………………………  Pastor Lawrence