*Pledge cards will be mailed out and will also be available in the office and Welcome Center if you prefer. 

Please take time now to prayerfully consider your 2020 giving to the Klein UMC Church Budget. Your participation in making a pledge and filling out the enclosed pledge card will greatly help us to KEEP THE LIGHTS ON, and move into the coming year with confidence.


A beautiful church was built in the highest mountains of Switzerland. The one thing the church didn’t have was “lights”. Every Sunday evening the people who lived on the mountain-side opposite the tiny church saw something magical happen. The faithful members entered the church, it would light up brightly as people brought their lanterns. When they arrived at church they would hang their lanterns around the church on pegs set in the walls, so the light would spread all around. If only a few people came to church the light would be very dim because there would only be a few lanterns. But when lots of people came to church there would be plenty of light. After the service as the villagers returned home, light would pour out of the church and over the mountainside.  For many it was a sign that all was well. God's light was with them and in them.


The point is obvious: We need as many as possible to provide the brightest light for all to be blessed. Your participation will help us not only KEEP THE LIGHTS ON in 2020, but also to shine a brighter light into the lives of strangers, friends and family.


            Thank you for what you have done in the past. We ask that you fill out the enclosed pledge card with your intended 2020 Klein UMC Budget Pledge. Doing so, you will be bringing your light in and strengthening our total commitment toward building God’s Kingdom in this place for another year. 



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