*Pledge cards are availble at the link to the left or physical copies can be obtained on Sunday mornings or through the church office. 

Starting January 17th, we will begin a 3-week sermon series focused on Faithful Giving During Uncertain Times. These 3 sermons will lead us into a Commitment Sunday on January 31st where you will be given the opportunity to make a financial pledge to Klein UMC for 2021.

Below you will see our sermon focuses and scriptures as well as a way to make your commitment online at any point during this time period.

If you have any questions, please contact Carrie DeLeon at carrie@kleinumc.org or 281-353-8202 ext. 305.


January 17:  Bible Text: Malachi 3:10  

                          Sermon Title:  “Faithful Stewardship Requires TRUSTING GOD!”


January 24: Bible Text : Matthew 6:24

                        Sermon Title: “Faithful Stewardship Requires CHOOSING GOD!”


January 31: Bible Text : Luke 6:38

            Sermon Title: “Faithful Stewardship Requires JOYFUL GIVING TO GOD!”

Zoom Q&A Sessions: For those who are interested, we will hold two Zoom meetings on Thursday Jan 28 at 10am and 7pm.  These meetings are to let you know the financial position of the church, as well as answer any questions you may have.  Don Denison (Chair of Finance) and Carol Davis (Treasurer) will be at both meetings.  We think it is important that as we ask you to commit your financial resources to Klein UMC this year, that you have the opportunity to hear about our budgeting process and our financial plans for the coming year. 


Click HERE to view our 2021 commitment card and make your pledge.

*Physical cards can be found in the church office, on Sunday mornings or can be sent via mail at your request. Pledges can also be made via a confidential phone conversation with Carrie DeLeon. 

*Your commitment will be kept confidential.

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